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17 June 2021


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Further to TCF's Broadcast 10 days ago about the delays and congestion issues in Shenzhen's port of Yantian, which have been predominantly caused by a new wave of COVID-19 infections, it has been reported that the “logjam” has seen some improvement this week.

Yantian International Container Terminal (YICT) has informed customers that they expect to continue to gain improvement and TCF is hopeful that port operations may return to close to normal in the next 3-4 weeks. There are currently over 60 vessels waiting off the Shenzhen coast to birth in order to off load import containers and pick up export containers. Making up close to 25% of Chinas total export volume to the world, the obvious effects to global sourcing is enormous. 

Currently however, a number of carriers including HMM and EMC, have cancelled calling the port of Yantian altogether. Reducing the capacity coupled with vessels already overbooked and the scramble to move containers via alternative ports, equates to bookings needing a minimum of two to three weeks before carriers will confirm available equipment. 

It is not expected that normal operations will be reach until early to Mid-July as the back log of containers are moved out of Yantian or via neighbouring ports of Nansha, Shekou and Hong Kong. 

Delays currently at 16+ days for departing vessels and transhipment services, should see some improvement in the coming weeks however June shipments booked to sail in the coming weeks are still experiencing long delays.

Alternative options are still being used and sort by TCF to ensure cargo can exist the Shenzhen area as quickly and cost effectively as possible. If you have suppliers in this area and are expecting orders to be placed now and in the coming weeks, please take into account the delays and vessel changes to rotation that will affect your transit times and pricing. TCF recommends placing your orders with your suppliers earlier if that’s possible and pushing forward your normal ex-factory dates.

Current Ocean pricing from Shenzhen continues to be at the highest it has been in years for this period and is expected to continue to remain at current levels leading into the traditional peak season period in the coming months, where expected FCL pricing is certain to continue to increase well above normal operating levels. 

Several articles publish recently (links below) will provide some further information on the current situation.

Should you require further information on this subject please contact your local TCF Sales or Customer Service representative

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