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22 December 2015


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Please find the attached  and below information published by the Australian Government regarding Air Cargo Prohibition Notices. (Mr Guy Richardson - Director Air cargo Communications, Air Cargo Security Taskforce)


The Australian Government has imposed restrictions on the carriage of air cargo that has originated from, or transited through, Syria, Egypt, Bangladesh, Yemen and Somalia. The restrictions will be implemented through legislative instruments made by the Hon Warren Truss MP, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Infrastructure and Regional Development, under Section 65B(2)(b) of the Aviation Transport Security Act 2004. The instruments will come into force on Saturday 19 December 2015, and will remain in-force until the instrument is revoked.

The air cargo restrictions will prohibit airlines from carrying any air cargo that has originated from, or transited through, Syria; Yemen; or Somalia.  These new restrictions supersede previous arrangements relating to the carriage of air cargo from Yemen and Somalia.  

Air cargo that has originated from, or transited through, Egypt; or Bangladesh will be prohibited, except for items that are currently exempt from screening under the Aviation Transport Security Regulations 2005, such as diplomatic bags and smaller items of international mail. These restrictions apply equally to air cargo carried on passenger and freighter aircraft.

Aircraft operators will not be required to revise their Transport Security Programs (TSPs) to give effect to this instrument; however, are encouraged to consider the current measures in TSPs and be satisfied they are adequate to respond to any changes in the security environment.

Please note that the restrictions are a preventive security measure, based on the Government's understanding of the threat and risk environment in these countries. There is no information to suggest that there is any specific threat for flights to or from Australia. The restrictions are commensurate with measures already imposed by some international airlines and like-minded regulators internationally.

Failure to comply with the instruments

Non-compliance with the instrument [or restrictions set out in the instruments] is an offence of strict liability under the Aviation Transport Security Act 2004.

Review of the prohibition

The Australian Government, through the Office of Transport Security, will continue to monitor aviation security developments, in cooperation with our international partners.  OTS will provide advice to the Government on adjustments to our air cargo security measures as necessary.

Permitted items - Bangladesh and Egypt only

The instrument allows airlines to uplift air cargo from Egypt; or Bangladesh that is currently exempt from screening under Australian regulations.

The permitted items are:

•             mail items under 500 grams;

•             cargo under 250 grams and shorter than 5mm;

•             live animals; human remains; biological tissues;

•             legitimately prepared dangerous goods;

•             Commonwealth Government articles; and

•             diplomatic bags.

The Government will allow these items as part of a risk-based strategy that will ensure an appropriate security outcome.

For non-airline CWG members this email is for your information and awareness only.  For airline CWG members, this advice was sent to your nominated TSP security contact for appropriate action earlier today.

Any enquiries related to the restrictions should be directed to

TCF International will continue to motitor the situation and is working to find alternative meathods to move Air Cargo from origins that are effected


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